Gift Box "Jaffa"

Gift Box "Jaffa"

  • $88.10

Gift Box "Jaffa". Kosher for Pesach.

The gift giving a sense of old Jaffa.

Welcome to Jaffa – souvenir shops, sweet smells from cafes, tart taste of wine, fresh breath from the sea. You can experience all these feelings by trying our greatest selection of Israeli foods gathered in one box.

The box contains:

Sweet tahini box – a set of three jars of tahini, with chocolate, peanut and candied nut (95 gr each jar)

Spread box – the set of date (120 gr)  and halva spread (95 gr), and tahini carob (95 gr)

Honey (250 gr)

Pure silan – date syrup without sugar (250 gr)

Pomegranate dry wine (375 ml)

Honey spoon

Ceramic wine cork made by children with special needs

Net weight 1470 g. Gross weight 3250 g.

Kosher Supervision - HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK, Badatz Sheerit Israel, Hatam Sofer, Rabbitane Gderot. Kosher for Pesach.

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