Pure Silan

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Pure Silan. Kosher for Pesach.

A 100% natural date syrup, completely sugar-free. 

Delicious and nutritious, it is not only a rich source of flavonoids but also a natural sugar substitute. Great for anyone on a diet, it will speed up your metabolism and give your immune system a boost. Pour the syrup over pastries, ice cream, pancakes ‒ or add some to your tea or coffee.

Dates are considered an important fruit from the bible, and is one of Shivat Haminim (the seven crops characterizing the land of Israel), and therefore, Yoffi’s pure silan is a unique gift symbolizing the land of Israel, and the sweetness, health and wealth of nature.

Pure silan is made of squeezed dates, and it is a healthy sweetener used for cooking and baking.

Pure silan is highly recommended as an enriching additive for cheese, yogurts, cakes, pastries and more. It is especially loved on ice cream and pancakes (replacing maple syrup) and is also used to season hot casseroles.

Dates have many important traits and are known to assist in strengthening your immune system and increase your metabolism. Dates are rich in anti-oxidants and in nutritious ingredients that improve the function of the various body systems.

Date is low in sugar, and relatively low in calories. It is considered the nature’s “energy snack”.

The pure silan is kosher (parve) and made in Israel by an Israeli boutique factory specializing in high-quality natural health products.

Net weight 250g. Gross weight 435g.

Kosher Supervision - Hatam Sofer, Kosher for Pesach.

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