Israeli Spread Box

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Israeli Spread Box. Kosher for Pesach.

Yoffi’s luxurious spread box features such culinary delicacies, as date, halva and carob spreads.

The box is an impressive exciting gift – with a delicious taste of Israel’s nature and abundance.

Date spread – Yoffi’s date spread is made from the fresh ripe date fruit. It is made of natural ingredients and is considered a wonderful spread on bread or toasts.

The date spread has high nutritious value. It can substitute the chocolate spread and it is wonderful for pastries and as a delicious addition for your breakfast.

Date is a fruit rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. It assists in increasing your metabolism, a powerful anti-oxidant, boosting your body.

Tahini carob – Yoffi’s tahini carob, made of carobs, silan (date syrup) and coconut butter has a rich chocolate taste and a soft delicate texture. It is highly popular as a healthy and tasty substitute for spreads with high sugar contents and is highly recommended as an ingredient in your healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Apart from his wonderful taste, the carob fruit is considered a symbol of energy, it is rich with vitamins and minerals, assists the proper function of the digestive system, decreases “bad” cholesterol rates and improves your ability to concentrate.

Sesame halvah spread – Yoffi’s rich halvah spread is made according to a family recipe, passing in our family for many generations. The spread contains ground sesame seeds with date syrup and honey. The halvah spread has a delicate texture, suitable for spreading. This makes it perfect for breakfast, or as a sweet treat.

The halva spread contains vegetable protein, vitamins E and B and important fibers. Halvah is known as a “healthy treat”, especially favorite among young and old.

Yoffi’s impressive spread box contains the most vital ingredients for a healthy life, packed in a deluxe package, in decorated boxes.

All products are kosher (parve) and made in Israel, by Israeli boutique factories – family factories specializing in high-quality natural health products.

Net weight 310g. Gross weight 700g.

Kosher Supervision - Hatam Sofer, HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK. Kosher for Pesach. 

This product can be shipped in an expedited way (one business day) within the US from the local warehouse.

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