Privacy Policy is an online store operated by MA-YOFFIi LTD,
company № 515191591 (hereinafter: the Company),
which sells Israeli-made food products in uniquely-designed gift packages.

Yoffi (MA-YOFFI LTD) recommends carefully reading and adhering to the terms of use which have been drafted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

The personal information submitted by the user shall be handled in accordance with accepted rules and regulations and with company policies.
The company shall process the personal information that has been submitted in order to grant the user access to the information that appears on the website.
The company shall enforce all necessary measures for protecting the personal information submitted by the user from unauthorized access by third party entities.
The company may use any information submitted by the user, including personal details, in order to comply with legal requirements (including for purposes of warning and/or preventing illegal actions and/or violation of a law by the user). This information submitted by the user shall only be disclosed in accordance with the law and subject to a request from a court of law, enforcement authorities, and under any other circumstances as required by law.
Consent given by the user to the applicable terms will relieve the company of the need to receive separate consent from the user in order to process and save personal information submitted.

In order to perform a transaction, the user shall submit the following information: credit card number, credit card expiration date, first and last name, full address including locality, telephone number and email address.

We are not storing credit card information of our clients, and not sharing it with third parties.