Israeli Dead Sea Salt Mix Pack

  • $44.00

Israeli Dead Sea Salt Mix Pack. Kosher.

The unique salt of the Dead Sea is formed by the evaporation of seawater under the influence of direct sunlight. Special properties of Dead sea salt are used in the best cuisines in the world: its coarse grains dissolve more slowly than regular salt, which preserves the freshness of food over time and gives a refined exquisite taste.

Dead Sea Salt Mixture Seasoned with Black Pepper, Dead Sea Salt Mixture Seasoned with Smoked Paprika, Dead Sea Salt with Garlic Powder, Natural Dead Sea Salt.

Net weight 440 g. Gross weight 900 g.

Kosher Supervision - Kosher Parve, Rabanut of Haifa, Kosher for Pesach.

This product can be shipped in an expedited way (one business day) within the US from the local warehouse.

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