All our products are kosher.

Prior to Pesach, we are doing a special kashrut for Pesach. Each product description mentions which kosher supervision the product has. For the convenience of our clients, we place here a full list of products and their kosher certifications:

Date Spread, Pure Silan, Apple-Date Spread, Date Set Spread – Hatam Sofer.

Tahini Chocolate, Tahini Peanut, Tahini Candied Nut, Tahini Skhug, Tahini Zaatar, Carob Spread (Tahini), Halva Spread, Halva Israeli, Sweet Tahini Box, Tahini Box - HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK.

Honey, Jerusalem Honey, Holy Land Set, Honey Land Set - Badatz Sheerit Israel.

Nut Bars Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israeli Flag - Badatz Parve Beit Yosef.

Halva Bars Dead Sea - Kosher Parve Rabbinate Azur.

Pomegranate Wine - Rabbinate Gderot.

Recanati Wine – Main Rabbinate of Israel.

Tomato and Pesto Spreads – Rabbinate Izurit Avraa Tihona.

Olive Oil - Kosher Mehadrin.

Spread Box - Hatam Sofer (Date Spread), HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK (Halva Spread and Tahini Carob).

Quartet - Badatz Sheerit Israel (Honey) and HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK (Tahini and Spreads).

Dead Sea Salt - Kosher Parve, Rabanut of Haifa

In case you have further questions about the kosher supervision, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the certificates of kosher supervision on request.