General Terms & Conditions is an online store operated by MA-YOFFIi LTD,
company № 515191591 (hereinafter: the Company),
which sells Israeli-made food products in uniquely-designed gift packages.

Yoffi (MA-YOFFI LTD) recommends carefully reading and adhering to the terms of use which have been drafted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

Basic terminology

The Yoffi website (or the website) is an internet resource that includes a file with information and/or a database that has been uploaded by the company and/or shared manufacturers and/or advertisers who have been authorized by the company. The aforementioned information file and database are the intellectual property of the company, stored online, at storage location (domain name):

Terms for use of the website

The terms for use of the Yoffi website (above and hereinafter: the terms) were developed by the company and define the terms for use of the website, as well as the mutual rights and obligations of the users and of the company. The terms shall also apply to relationships related to the rights and interests of third parties that are not website users, though their rights and interests may be influenced by website user activity.
The terms shall serve as a binding legal agreement between the users and the company, which grants access to users for utilization of the website and its content, as well as for advertising and marketing purposes. In addition to these terms, the agreement between the user and the company includes all of the designated documents that regulate access granted for use in contexts that appear in relevant sections of the internet website.
A user that confirms having read the terms before performing a transaction or receiving membership for advertising on the website, confirms agreement and acceptance of these terms in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. The user may explicitly inform the company of the desire to stop receiving personal mailing services and advertisements from the website/company.
These terms are subject to unilateral changes and/or additions by the company, without special warning of any kind. These terms shall serve as an open document for the general public, while the rights to make any changes to them are exclusively reserved for the company.
The company also recommends that users read these terms of use to learn of changes and/or additions.
Continued use of the website after changes and/or additions are made to these terms indicates the users' acceptance and consent to the aforementioned changes and/or additions.

Website status

All rights for the entire website and use of the domain are reserved for the Company. The Company grants access to all users who request access in accordance with these terms and with the laws that apply in the State of Israel regarding protection of intellectual property rights.
These terms determine the conditions by which the right to use the information and other products used by the company (including, but not limited to, literary and musical works, audio-visual and audio recordings, graphics and design, video clips, and software, in certain sections of the website) shall belong to the company exclusively.

The Company

The word "Company" that appears in these terms and in the designated documents that appear on the website refer to Ma-Yoffi LTD, a legal entity established in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and registered at the following address:

HaGavish 10, Natania, 4250708, Israel

Requests, proposals and claims by private individuals and legal entities addressed to the company regarding these terms, and all questions related to the function of the website, violation of rights, and interests of third parties during use of the website, complaints and claims related to the quality content of a transaction, and demands made by authorized entities per Israeli law, shall be submitted to the company's offices at the address that appears in section 4.1 of these terms.
All functions and development of the company website shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, as well as in accordance with accepted practices and rules. This includes designated documents that have been developed or will be developed and adopted by the company in the future, in order to regulate user access to the various sections of the website.
The user is aware and unconditionally accepts that the instructions that appear in these terms do not grant the user the right to use the commercial name, commercial symbols, domain names, and any other company identifiers. Rights for use of the commercial name, commercial symbols, or other company identifiers can be granted only by a written agreement between the parties.
Website registration and user status
Registration for the Yoffi online store and registration for new mailing lists, business proposals, and advertisements for the company and YoffiTM products shall be completed free of charge and of free will, at the URL
Website users may be a natural entity or a legal entity that performs transactions on the website in accordance with the procedures defined by these terms, and has reached an age that has been determined by Israeli law as suitable for accepting these terms, with possesses appropriate authority (above and hereinafter: the user).
When performing a transaction on the website, the user shall provide the company with accurate and updated information as required in order to meet its obligations towards the user. The user shall bear full responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information that is submitted which is the basis for a valid legal transaction, as well as for provision of quality service for the user and for providing information necessary for consumption, use and operation of company products.
When performing a transaction, the user accepts these terms as well as the rights and obligations related to the use and function of this website, and shall acquire access as needed to the information that appears on the website.
After completing the transaction and approving payment, the company shall take upon itself all of the rights and obligations towards the user, as defined in these terms.
The personal information submitted by the user shall be handled in accordance with accepted rules and regulations and with company policies.
The company shall process the personal information that has been submitted in order to grant the user access to the information that appears on the website.
The company shall enforce all necessary measures for protecting the personal information submitted by the user from unauthorized access by third party entities.
The company may use any information submitted by the user, including personal details, in order to comply with legal requirements (including for purposes of warning and/or preventing illegal actions and/or violation of a law by the user). This information submitted by the user shall only be disclosed in accordance with the law and subject to a request from a court of law, enforcement authorities, and under any other circumstances as required by law.
Consent given by the user to the applicable terms will relieve the company of the need to receive separate consent from the user in order to process and save personal information submitted.

Online Purchases

The company shall offer the option of purchasing various products with payments made via banks and other financial institutions, international credit cards - Visa, Master Card, Amex, Diners Club, and via PayPal.
A "website transaction" refers to purchase of any product offered for sale on the website.
Items related to the company’s image, including graphics and logos, are not for sale and any use of these items, whether commercial or authorized, without the company's consent, shall be considered a fundamental violation of the terms of use of the website.
The right to purchase products from the website is granted to all competent individuals over age 18 who own a credit card or an authorized PayPal account, after reading the product specifications and after ensuring that there are no contraindications for their use.
In order to perform a transaction, the user shall submit the following information: credit card number, credit card expiration date, first and last name, full address including locality, telephone number and email address.

We are not storing credit card information of our clients, and not sharing it with third parties.

The seller may require additional information from the buyer as needed to complete the order in accordance with the buyer's request. If the buyer does not provide the information necessary to complete the order, the company reserves the right to cancel the transaction unilaterally.
Knowingly submitting false information is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against users who knowingly submit false information, including civil lawsuits to cover the costs of damages that may be caused to the website.
All prices include value added tax (VAT).
Users shall be charged for purchased products only if the products are in stock.
The company shall deliver the product that was purchased on the website via postal or other delivery services, as requested by the user and after receiving payment for delivery.
The company shall not bear liability for the product after it has been submitted to the post office and/or its representatives for delivery.
The company shall not bear any liability of any kind for illegal activities of parties in the transaction.
The company reserves the right to partially or fully cancel a transaction due to force majeure circumstances, including (but not limited to): a transaction on the website and/or its delivery on the fixed date is delayed and/or stalled either fully or in part due to a third party, and/or any failure to the computer system and/or telephones and/or other communication system that prevents completion of the purchase process and/or hostile activity and/or full strikes and/or partial strikes and/or military reserves are recruited on a large scale due to a natural disaster and/or state of war in Israel and/or another party will be harmed during the process of purchasing and/or delivering products, and/or if changes to tax laws and/or customs fees are applied to these products between the time that they were advertised for sale and the date on which they were scheduled to be supplied in accordance with the terms of purchase, etc.
In case of cancellation of a transaction, the buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation.
In case of an aforementioned cancellation by the website administration, the administration shall refund the money that it received in exchange for the purchase.

Intellectual property terms

With the exception of cases that have been defined by these terms and by the law that applies in Israel and the licensing agreement, it is prohibited to copy (replicate), process, distribute, frame, download, transfer, sell or use any content in other ways, whether in full or in part, without the prior consent of the owner of the rights, other than in cases in which the owner of the rights has explicitly granted its consent for all parties to use the content freely.
The user receives the non-exclusive right to use content in order to read it, copy it, etc., for personal, non-commercial use only, unless use of content in this manner will or can potentially harm the legally-protected interest of the owner of the rights.
Users shall use content to which they have been granted access for personal, non-commercial use only, and subject to maintaining all copyrights and other notifications about the creator of the content, including keeping the name of the creator and the content unchanged.
The rights and the scope of use granted to the user of a relevant product after the user has paid for the product and received it from the Yoffi online store, are determined by the licensing agreement that is submitted along with the product that was purchased.
All use of the website and its content, with the exception of use permitted according to these terms or in case of explicit consent for use as described, without prior written permission from the owner of the rights, shall be prohibited.
Unless defined otherwise by these terms, these terms shall not transfer exclusive rights to content.

Liability in case of violation of exclusive rights

The user shall bear full personal liability for violation of exclusive rights in case of violations of these terms and/or unlawful use of the content of the website or Yoffi products.
The company may, but is not obligated to, inspect the website in order to identify prohibited content, and may remove or transfer (without prior warning) any content or users at its own discretion for any reason or for no reason at all, including limitations on content transfer or removal which, according to the exclusive discretion of the company, violates these terms or Israeli law and/or may violate rights, cause harm or endanger the security of other users or third party entities.

Third-party websites and content

The website contains (or may contain) links to other internet websites (third-party websites), as well as articles, photographs, illustrations, graphics, music, sound, video, information, applications, software and other content that belongs to third-party entities or is submitted on their behalf, which is the intellectual property of the creator of the content with all implications of this ownership.
Content that is displayed on the website on behalf of a third party has not been inspected by the company for reliability, completeness and intent. The company shall not be liable for any of the information that appears on websites belonging to third-party entities which the user can accesses via the website or for content owned by the third party, including all opinions or claims made by the third-party website or by its content.
Should the user decide to leave the website and to switch to third-party websites or to use or install third-party software, the user shall bear full responsibility for this decision and from that moment on, these terms no longer apply to the user.

Website function and liability of use

The company reserves the right to change the website design, content and features at any time, and to change or add to the certificates that it contains, the software and other objects that appear or are saved on the website, and server applications, at any time, with or without prior notification.
The company shall guarantee that the website remains functional and operational and is obligated to operatively repair any instances of technical malfunctions or deactivation. The company shall not be liable for temporary malfunctions and deactivations, or for loss of information as a result.
The company may use statistical information that is related to website functions, as well as information that has been submitted by users, in order to present targeted advertisements to different segments of website users.
The company may refer information to the user about developments on the website and its content, and in order to advertise activity on the website itself.

Liability limitations of website administration

For the removal of doubt, users shall take precautions when copying content from the website, when following links in the website, and when using any type of files, including software. The company highly recommends using only authorized software, including anti-virus software, browsers, etc.
When using the website, the user hereby agrees and declares to take personal responsibility for all information copied from the site or using the site, and that the user is aware of the potential implications of use of this material, including damage that this can cause to the user’s computer or to third-party entities, including loss of data or any other type of damage, and the company shall not bear liability for use of this kind.
The company or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable to the user or third-party entities for any indirect, random, unintentional damage, including lost profits, lost data or damage to business reputation, caused by use of the website, its content or other materials accessed via the website, even if the company warned or noted possible risk of damage as described.

General instructions

These terms shall serve as an agreement between the user and the company regarding use of the website and its features and replace all prior agreements between the user and the company.
These terms are subjected to the laws of the State of Israel and shall be interpreted based on these laws. Any issues that are not regulated by these terms shall be determined in accordance with Israeli law.
In case of conflicts or disagreements of any kind regarding implementation of these terms, the user and the company shall make every effort to resolve them by negotiating with the other parties. If the conflict is not resolved through negotiations, the parties may seek out legal intervention as agreed and in accordance with section 10.7.
These terms shall come into effect with regard to the user from the time at which the user visits the website in order to obtain certain information that appears on the website and from the time at which a purchase is made, and shall apply for an unlimited time.
These terms were written in Russian and translated into Hebrew, and can be presented to the user in a third language. In case of incompatibility between the Russian-language version and the version of these terms in a different language, the Hebrew version of the terms shall be the deciding one.
If, for any reason, one or more of the instructions that appear in these terms are declared invalid or non-enforceable, this shall not influence the validity or enforceability of the remaining instructions.
In case issues arise that cannot be resolved by negotiations or legal intervention, the deciding and exclusive entity authorized to submit a law suit against the company shall be the magistrate court or the district court in Tel Aviv.